Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Craft Sales VS Online Sales

Selling my ceramics in person is awesome. Selling ceramics online... Not so great.

In person, people get to touch things. Pottery is very much about how things feel, and that can't be expressed online.

I haven't sold anything on Etsy in months. I made a month's rent in one afternoon at this recent craft fair.

When I ship ceramics, despite my best attempts to package things for Armageddon, it's inevitable that every so often, things get broken. Neither USPS or UPS has ever paid for the damages. In person, I wrap the pottery in newspaper and people carefully carry them home.

Finally, as much as it's nice to hear some feedback over the internet, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing how happy a customer is face to face.


  1. same here. except jewelry and not pottery. i sell 100x more in person. if etsy could match what i sell in person i'd be very happy.

  2. I know just what you mean. I've been on etsy a few months now and only have 1 sale. It's hard to sell online.
    I've always heard that once a customer touches or pick up an item there's a good chance they'll buy it...some type of product connection I guess. Also when they get to meet and talk with the artist it also makes an impression and most often a sale...can't do that online. :)