Sunday, May 3, 2009

Guerrero/Pham Collaboration

To me, artist collaborations are truly incredible. When successful, they reflect the collaborators' mutual appreciation and respect. They typically require flexibility and perseverance, and challenge the artists to cooperate. The best results show the synergistic effect of artists working together, and express both artists' creative vision.

I recently collaborated with a very talented MCG ceramics student, Nancy Pham, to create a series of Asian-inspired tumblers and goblets. While I'm keeping a few for myself, several are available for sale on Etsy.

Mind you, Nancy is very excited to see these cups sell. She loves money, and can't wait to get paid. So support youth arts in Pittsburgh!


  1. I love Asian designs; your work is beautiful...great collaboration.

  2. wow great work! i just love the asian feel!