Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blue Wave Sushi Tray

This is one of my rare experiments with slab built pottery. I really enjoyed making these, though, and need to make time to do more and improve upon the design.

This design for a sushi tray came to me out of nowhere, and admittedly was more difficult to achieve than I expected. The teardrop shaped end was difficult to bend without cracking the clay, and I'm not entirely happy with the curve I achieved.

The glaze is wonderful, though. I saw an example in John Britt's book, The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes and upon mentioning it to Junji, I found a batch mixed and ready for use the next time I came to the studio. The recipe is based on Richard Aerni's wood ash, and contains added colorants such as cobalt, iron and manganese.

Interestingly, while the form mostly makes me think of an ocean wave, it also bears a resemblance to my new computer's keyboard.

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  1. i LOVE sushi!!! and I think your work is amazing! The art of sushi paired with your love of ceramics and obvious talent is beautiful!