Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wood Fired Mug

I don't really get to do much wood firing for two reasons. One, it's generally expected that you'll take turns attending to the wood kiln, and two, it is kind of expensive to share in the cost of all that wood fuel. This particular mug was fired at Laurelville in the Union Project's kiln.

Still, you can't deny the beauty of wood fired pottery. For those unfamiliar, wood firing is a high temperature (2200° F or more) atmospheric firing. The wood ash that flys around inside the kiln results in a natural glaze, irregular "flashing" of dark and light tones in the clay body. The process originated in China, and continued to be popular in the western world until the proliferation of kilns fueld by paraffin, oil and eventually natural gas. 

Today wood kilns remain popular among a certain sect of artisan potters.

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