Monday, April 26, 2010

Tokkuri and Ochoko

I'm working on a custom sake set for a customer, and I've been learning and experimenting quite a bit. The pieces above came out of the soda kiln today, along with a few other sake cups (ochoko). I'm planning to raku fire a serving tray, and then I'll also be making several more tokkuri (flasks) for her to choose from, as well as several more cups, fired in both wood and reduction firings.

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  1. I received one of your small mugs as a gift from my friend Lucia Aguirre. She's an architect and cyclist in PGH. I got interested in your work because of her generosity. I just wanted to comment that I really like your work, particularly the form of the sake cup in the foreground on the left in this picture. It's simple, yet strong in it's lines. Very nice. Keep up the beautiful work!