Saturday, December 11, 2010

Congratulations, Elvira!

If you're involved with ceramics in Pittsburgh, you know Elvira Peake. The owner of The Clay Place, Elvira's store and showroom have been a staple of the local clay community for 37 years. And Elvira has been an inspiration for even longer. She's given countless local artists their first show, and encouraged many of us by allowing us to show and sell their work in her gallery.

Tonight the community came together at The Clay Place for Elvira's retirement party. And while it was all well and good to say "congratulations," Elvira was certain to point out, "I'm not going anywhere!"

When I asked Elvira what she was going to do with all her newfound free time she quipped, "I'm going to clean my house," and laughed.

The Clay Place will continue to operate under the ownership of Standard Ceramics, with Elvira as Director Emeritus and most likely under the watchful eye of the wonderful Ms. Carla Flati.

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