Monday, August 15, 2011

Tea Caddy

Some of my favorite pieces come from the inspiration to create a gift, or from the simple utility of needing (wanting) something for myself. This tea caddy was a case of the latter.

I've been buying loose tea for some time now, but my latest favorite tea shop sells tea in clear plastic bags. And while such bags do a great job of keeping the air away from the tea, they do nothing to protect my precious sencha from UV rays. Enter the lidded porcelain jar.

This piece features a carved pattern that I've been developing for some time now. It's almost totally random, and quite pleasant to incise.

The clay body is a mixture of reclaimed porcelain and white stoneware with a liberal dose of fine grog wedged in for good measure. The glaze is our studio's "amber celadon" which pools nicely in the recesses. Finally, the jar is outfitted with an English cane handle.

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